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              innoSens 450 optical DO sensor

              The principle of measurement is based on the effect of dynamic luminescence quenching by molecular oxygen.

              Built-in temperature sensor with the innoSens 450 probe, using optical technology to measure: a diode directly emits blue light toward a fluorescent layer directly, when the sensitive material of light is irradiated and refracts red light (fluorescence), the time of irradiating red light is related to the oxygen concentration. This innovative approach ensures reliable, accurate and drift-free measurements.



              ● Measure of oxygen in wastewater

              ● Measure of oxygen in primary, industrial, recirculating water

              Features and benefits

              ● Reliable concentration measurement using optical measuring process

              ● Dynamic luminescence measuring method

              ● AISI 316 or Black rigid PVC sensor body

              ● Interchangeable cap for luminophore’s replacement

              ● No mechanically moving parts

              ● Immediate installation and easy manteinance

              ● Ability to set salinity and barometric pressure for the compensation of the oxygen value

              Operating principle

              The collision between the luminophore in its excited state and the quencher (oxygen) results in radiationless deactivation and is called collisional or dynamic quenching. After collision, energy transfer takes place from the excited indicator molecule to oxygen which consequently is transferred from its ground state (triplet state) to its excited singlet state. As a result, the indicator molecule does not emit luminescence and the measurable luminescence signal decreases.

              A relation exists between the oxygen concentration in the sample and the luminescence intensity as well as the luminescence lifetime which is described in the Stern-Volmer-equation (1). Here, T0 and T are the luminescence decay times in absence and presence of oxygen (I0 and I are the respective luminescence intensities), [O2] the oxygen concentration and KSV the overall quenching constant.


              Measurement range:0.00 - 20.00ppm, 0 - 200%
              Accuracy:±0.1ppm or ±1%
              Response time:< 60S
              Electrolyte / membrane:no need, can exchange fluorescent cap(cycle 1~2 year)
              Dimension:Diameter 33.5mm, Length197mm, Connection3/4"
              Cable:Standards 10m
              Protection Grade:IP68
              Working temp.:0 - 60℃

              Order No.             Descriptions
              35-0450-00 innoSens 450 optical dissolved oxygen sensor
              33-6800-10 innoCon 6800D dissolved oxygen controller, 90 - 260VAC (24VDC optional)




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