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              iinnoSens 810T Suspended Solids Sensor

               Measure of turbidity in wastewater
               Measure of turbidity in primary, industrial, recirculating water

               Measure of Sludge and Staff concentration,industrial water

              Features and benefits
               Reliable concentration measurement using optical measuring process
               Infrared light pulsing beams scattering method
               Black rigid PVC and AISI 316 sensor body
               No mechanically moving parts
               Measured value pre-processing in sensor resulting in low signal transmission sensitivity
               Immediate installation and easy maintenance

              Turbidity measurement with the 90° scattered light method

              By turbidity we mean the scattered component of a light beam which is diverted away from its original course by optically denser particles in the medium e.g. solid matter particles.Measurements are made using the standardised 90° scattered light method in accordance with ISO 7027 / EN 27027. The measuring method is based on the Tyndall effect.The turbidity of the medium is determined from the amount of scattered light. The transmitted infra-red light beam is scattered by the particles in the medium.The scattered beams are measured by scattered light receivers which are fixed at an angle of 90 to the transmitted light. The measured scattered light signals are converted to frequency signals.

              The frequency signals are assigned to corresponding turbidity units and solid matter concentrations,and appear in the display.


              Materials: Black PVC and AISI 316 Body, Special Glass Optics

              Thread: 1" GAS

              Measuring range:  0-4.0, 0-40.0, 0-400.0, 0-1000.0NTU

                                       0-10.0, 0-100.0, 0-1000.0, 0-2000.0mg/l 

              Measuring method: 90° Scattered light

              Accuracy:  ± 2% of f.s.

              Repeatability:  98 %

              Working temperature: 0~60 °C

              Max Working pressure: 4 bar

              Mechanical Protection: IP68

              Cable: 10m

              Order No.             Descriptions
              35-0810-02 innoSens 810T turbidity/SS sensor, 0-1000.0NTU, 0-2000.0mg/l
              33-6800-30 innoCon 6800T turbidity controller, 90 - 260VAC (24VDC optional)



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