Dynatel 2273 M – Cable/Fault Locator

The 3M Dynatel 2273 M-iD Cable/Pipe and Fault Locators are microprocessor-based systems that incorporate advanced digital signal processing techniques to quickly and efficiently locate conductor or sheath (earth return) faults and trace the path of underground cables and pipes, both copper and fiber optic (with metallic tracer wire). The Dynatel 2273 M-iD provides accurate cable or Sonde depth measurements, giving a digital readout in inches, feet and inches, or centimeters (user-selectable).

  • Transmitter with built-in ohmmeter, which also senses and measures the presence of foreign voltage and tests the continuity of the circuit
  • Rugged, one-piece hand-held receiver with bar graph signal strength and direction, that indicates received signal and proximity to the cable; ID versions locate all 3M EMS Markers and read/write to all 3M EMS-iD Markers
  • Lightweight earth contact frame that is color-coded to correspond with indications from the receiver directing the operator toward the fault
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